Students earn pennies for good behavior. Every check-plus equals a penny, and students can spend the pennies on treats at the school store.

Instead of putting a child's name on the board for misbehaving, start with everyone's name on the board plus 3 smiley faces each. Erase one when a child acts inappropriately.

Every grading period, post the names of your star students on the wall in the cafeteria for everyone to see.

Give each student a certain number of hall passes per grading period and they can turn in unused ones for extra credit points.

Reinforce positive behavior with tally sheets that each child uses to record their good behavior.

When a child gets in trouble, have them write a note telling their parents what happened. Look it over, both sign it, and send it home to be discussed and returned signed the next day.

Keep a flashlight in your desk for power failures and use during video viewing to spotlight students who are talking, writing notes, etc.

If you catch a student drawing on their desk, tell them how much you appreciate art from students, give them some drawing paper, and ask the student to draw a picture for you to display.

"Tiger Paw Restaurant". One school sets up tables on the stage (called the Tiger Paw Restaurant, Lion's Den, Falcon's Nest, etc.) Students who behave in the cafeteria have the opportunity to sit in the restaurant the next day.

Curtail tattling by having students write their complaints down, rather than simply telling you. Create a form in which students fill out what happened and whether or not it is an emergency.