Place a full length mirror on the wall so students can see their appearance before leaving the room.

ICMM - "I Can Manage Myself" Club. Students who have all their work in and no behavior problems for the week get a laminated card with a key drawn on it that gives them permission to use the restroom, get a drink, etc. without asking the teacher first.

Save time for comments and compliments at the end of the day so students leave feeling positive.

Have an "Appreciation Community Circle" at the end of the day where each student takes the opportunity to appreciate the student next to him or her.

To prevent students from interrupting you when you are talking to another student, keep a wait card that you hand to the interrupting student. When you finish your conversation, take the card from the waiting student and talk to them.

All student book bags should have the student's name displayed on the outside.

Keep healthy snacks on hand for when kids get hungry (especially if you have a very early or late lunch). This short break helps keep the class on task more than if they were hungry.

Have your students paint murals on your window blinds so that you can keep them down at all times and students are not distracted by what is happening outside.

On days of performances or presentations, encourage students to dress up, take a picture of them, and display the photos on the board. The students love to see themselves.

Use the 3 C's - "Cares, Concerns, & Celebrations" during the opening 5-10 minutes of class for discussion.

Use the 3H's - "Handshake, Hug or High-Five" to greet students at the door each morning.

Develop the idea that a plant is a friend, and when it is time for quiet activities or silent reading, invite students to take a plant with them to their work area.

To help build a positive climate in his classroom, have students recite this poem: Welcome to SUCCESS, a place where we do our best. We respect, encourage and support each other. We never laugh at, put down or discourage another.

Create a "Positive Reinforcement Center." In one corner of the room, have the following: a positive thought for the day, a mirror that reminds students that they're special, a poster with ways to handle stress, etc.

Students enjoy hearing something positive from the teacher. Try having a "mailbox" for each student. Write a short note on something positive and places it in their box. By doing this for five students each day, you can write each student once a week.