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Thank you for your interest in COMP! We would be happy to assist you should you need further assistance.

COMP Box 541, Peabody College
Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN 37203


How do I purchase materials?
This can be done online by visiting our My Account page . If your school district/company has never placed an order with us before, call (615) 322-0603 to be added to our online system.
Do I have to participate in a COMP Workshop to receive a manual?
No. Interested teachers or administrators may purchase either an Elementary or Middle/High School Level manual directly from our office. Purchases are limited to one manual. We invite interested parties to create a profile by visiting our My Account page and ordering online.
How much does it cost to host a COMP Workshop?
This varies based on the type of workshop. For more information Click Here to download our Workshop Protocols.
How long are the workshops?
Level I workshops require 18 - 24 contact hours. These hours can be configured within a few days, or spread out over an entire school year. Level II workshops require 25 hours spread out over 5 days.
How many participants are there in each level of workshop?
Level I workshops can have a maximum of 30 participants. Level II workshops can have a maximum of 12 participants.
How do I find a local Workshop Leader to conduct a session for my school or district?
Call the COMP office at (615) 322-8050 or email us to inquire about Workshop Leaders in your area.
How do I become a certified COMP Workshop Leader?
Annually our COMP Office hosts a Training of Trainers in June. More information can be found by visiting our Training of Trainers page.
How do I know COMP works?
Based on the findings of extensive studies, COMP received validation by the US Department of Education’s National Diffusion Network for three claims of effectiveness. Research shows COMP works! To view our Research Studies Chart CLICK HERE or refer to our Results/Validation page.
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