results / validation

COMP is a systematic, research-based, research-proven approach to effective classroom management that increases academic achievement and reduces discipline problems and office referrals. This federally validated program is a proactive approach that guides teachers in creating effective learning environments for all students K-12 by

  • • learning about research on successful classroom management,
  • • analyzing actual classrooms in light of best practices,
  • • reflecting on their own classrooms, and
  • • planning specific strategies for enhancing their classroom learning environments.

Administrators of teachers who complete COMP report a significant decrease in office referrals and an increase in professional collegiality and sharing. After classroom management training, teachers had fewer students who...

  • • interrupted & called out
  • • were inattentive
  • • were disruptive
  • • were unengaged

Teachers now had more students who...

  • • were engaged
  • • completed assignments
  • • achieved academically
  • • were successful in class lessons


Based on the findings of extensive studies, COMP received validation by the US Department of Education’s National Diffusion Network for three claims of effectiveness:

  1. 1. Students of teachers who have participated in COMP realize greater gains in academic achievement as measured by standardized tests than students of teachers who have not participated in the programs.

  2. 2. Teachers who have participated in COMP workshops show changed classroom practices that result in classroom environments more conducive to students’ learning.

  3. 3. Students of post workshop teachers show a significant decrease in inappropriate and disruptive behavior and a significant increase in academic engagement.