If you are looking for a common sense approach to effective classroom management, you have found it! The Classroom Organization and Management Program (COMP) is a research-based research-proven professional development program that can help you learn to create and manage an effective learning environment in your classroom. Throughout the U.S. and internationally, we conduct workshops that focus on establishing conditions for learning. Participating teachers in our workshops find their classrooms foster student academic achievement and have reduced discipline problems.


  • * learning about research on successful classroom management,
  • * analyzing actual classrooms in light of best practices,
  • * reflecting on their own classrooms, and
  • * planning specific strategies for enhancing their classroom learning environments..

Teachers completing COMP report significant positive changes in

  • * students behavior,
  • * student achievement, and
  • * their personal satisfaction in teaching.
COMP is developed by and based on the research of Dr. Carolyn M. Evertson. The program's benefits for teachers and students are shown in the findings of 12 studies in regular and special education resource settings, grades K-12, that span 15 years and involve over 4,000 hours of observation in 581 classrooms in 100 schools. Since 1989, the program has served over 100,000 teachers and administrators in 33 states and American territories. Findings from evaluation studies show clearly that teachers who use COMP principles experience a decrease in student misbehavior while enjoying increases in student academic engagement, student achievement, and personal satisfaction in teaching. This web site gives COMP Trainers, COMP teachers, and other professional educators a place to solicit and discuss information about how classrooms work. Click here to request COMP awareness materials.