Program Content

Good classroom management is the foundation for quality instruction and student achievement, and it requires an ongoing process of careful crafting and development through planning, implementation, and maintenance.

Comp is based on the research of Carolyn M. Evertson and colleagues, who in 12 studies over the past 20 years identified principles and techniques effective teachers have used to create a more smoothly running classroom with higher student engagement, lower incidents of misbehavior, and higher academic achievement. This COMP research base involves over 4,000 hours of observation in 581 classrooms.

COMP provides training modules in seven key areas of classroom management. Each includes:

  • • a self-assessment checklist
  • • a summary of related research
  • • suggestions of ideas that work
  • • case studies for problem solving
  • • activities to help teachers apply ideas from
       key areas directly to the classroom
COMP addresses a critical need for schools, faculties, and students by helping teachers create a system that is visible, established, monitored,refined and reestablished.


  1. 1. Organizing the Classroom provides insight into arranging furniture, equipment, supplies, and students.
  2. 2. Planning and Teaching Rules and Procedures helps teachers develop and communicate a system of policies and routines.
  3. 3. Managing Student Academic Work examines both teacher and student responsibility, and helps teachers develop and implement a system to encourage student accountability.
  4. 4. Maintaining Good Student Behavior helps teachers develop and implement a system to maintain appropriate student behavior by using appropriate positive, negative, and corrective consequences; encouraging praise; and intervention strategies.
  5. 5. Planning for Instruction encourages teachers to consider a variety of formats as they structure learning activities and provides specific management strategies for each.
  6. 6. Conducting Instruction and Maintaining Momentum helps teachers focus on strategies that maintain student interest and lesson involvement.
  7. 7. Getting the Year Off to a Good Start helps teachers plan for the beginning of the year and suggests activities that teach students how to participate successfully in school.